What is the added value of PSH products?

All formulations are made by pharmacists specialized in the sector. Each of our formulas contains important active ingredients for the pet's dermal health: our products do not only clean.

In addition, the water of our products is treated and highly controlled: we use UV lamps to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi and we undergo daily physical-chemical and weekly microbiological controls. This is not compulsory in the animal health sector. We do it this way because we avoid high conductivity, excess of salts and therefore its hardness, great causes of skin irritations and affections. Our main concern is the pet's health.

Are PSH Home Groomers products suitable for sensitive skin?

All products in the line are suitable for sensitive skin: dye-free, Khaton-free and hypoallergenic fragrance.

Why are PSH Home Groomes and PSH Health Care products white?

Its color is neutral thanks to the opacifier that avoids the use of colorants that can cause irritation, allergies and/or skin intolerances.

Where do PSH raw materials come from?

PSH Pet Skin Healthcare product ingredients are selected based on several factors, such as the supplier's compliance with our quality requirements, the desired actives and consistent availability.

How to properly store hygiene products in the home?

After each use, close the cap tightly to prevent water from entering the product. Always store in a dry place, protected from light and heat, in order to preserve it for a longer period of time.

Can I use PSH Professional Groomers products at home?

This line and all its formulations are intended for professional use only. This is because they are concentrated products and it is necessary to dilute them before use, so applying them directly could cause irritation to your pet's skin. We have a wide variety of products in our Home Groomers line, adapted to the needs of pet bathing at home.

What is the development of new pet care products like?

Our team continually explores, discovers and develops cutting-edge solutions from which innovative products are born that make significant advances in pet health and wellness. This requires us as a Brand to be committed to educating all owners on what solutions are best for their pet and why.

How do I know which PSH product is best suited for my pet?

Depending on the age, lifestyle and type of coat the needs are different and the hygiene protocol to follow will not be the same. If your pet is healthy, you can search by benefit or main asset within our PSH Home Groomers line, or contact our customer care center. If your pet has a health problem, contact your veterinarian for more information. If you already have a diagnosis, you can search for the appropriate treatment within our PSH Health Care line.

What is PSH's commitment to the environment?
  • We guarantee the vegetable, mineral or synthetic origin of all our components.


  • We always test the components on synthetic hair, as required by law.


  • We are based on the principles of "Green Chemistry" for the manufacture of our products: we avoid pollution, we prioritize the use of easily renewable materials, we try to reduce energy consumption by favoring and enhancing reactions at room temperature.


  • In addition, as part of our strategic intent, we are able to ensure the degradation of all major components of our products by 2030.


  • And of course, we do not make unnecessary use of paper in the office.
How long will it take for my web order to arrive?

The estimated delivery time once payment has been received and the order has been prepared will be approximately 72 working hours. Depending on the buyer's condition, the minimum order to be delivered freight prepaid will be:

  • Individuals 30€ (VAT included)
  • Professionals 80€ (VAT included)

Any problems with the shipment or receipt of your products you can contact us directly and we will help you as much as possible at info@pshcosmetics.com.

Anything else you would like to ask us?

Send us a message to info@pshcosmetics.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much.