Who are we?

We are the dermo-cosmetic brand that offers a global solution to owners who are conscious of their pet's skin health so that they can enjoy the moments of connection and peace of mind that unite them with their travelling companion.

Our bases

We cover the entire spectrum of professional and home dermatological solutions through formulations developed by specialist pharmacists.

Our developments are supported by veterinary dermatologists renowned in the industry.


CSR in our daily lives

· We guarantee the vegetable, mineral or synthetic origin of all our components.

· We always test the components on synthetic hair, as required by law.

· We are based on the principles of ``Green Chemistry`` for the manufacture of our products: we avoid pollution, we prioritise the use of easily renewable materials, we try to reduce energy consumption by favouring and promoting reactions at room temperature.

· Furthermore, as part of our strategic intent, we aim to be able to ensure the degradation of all the main components of our products by 2030.

· And of course, we do not make unnecessary use of paper in the office.

Our DNA is the key lever in the results we achieve


The peace of mind of trust.


We aim to reach the standard we know we can achieve.


Coherence in our decisions.


``We are what we do repeatedly: excellence is not an act, but a habit``


We care for those who care for us.


``The only constant is change``